Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Click here to view the current list of Supervisors and note how many students they will be taking next year. Average number of places and applications from previous years are available. 


An overview of the steps in Part II allocation.

Open days

Each Chemistry Laboratory organized a Part II Open Day during Michaelmas term.

Research web pages

A link to the web pages of academic staff in Oxford chemistry.

Approved list

Here is a list of chemistry supervisors for chemistry Part II. If you intend to work with someone whose name is not on this list, you will need faculty approval. 
Here is a list of available projects from Departments outside of Chemistry you will need to contact these supervisors independently.

Deadlines and submission of applications

Application deadlines for students starting their Part II in September 2019.

Part II abroad

You may spend a portion of your Part II working with research groups based in other countries. Interested? In that case talk to a supervisor who has an * in Column 8 on the current main page who can tell you more. 

Research groups full

A list of those research groups which are now fully subscribed for the 2019-20 research year. [Note that this page does not indicate which groups already have as many first choice applications as there are places available. Instead, it shows those groups which, after the application deadline has passed, have a full complement of Part II students.] This page will be updated  on Monday of week 8, Hilary term.

When can I expect a decision to be made about my application?

All students will be informed of the outcome on the Monday of 8th week.