Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford





Inorganic  Chemistry




Revision of Topics in    Inorganic Chemistry

Prof.  D. M. O'Hare Th.10 (wk 1) ICL
Prof. L.J. Smith Th.10 (wk 2) ICL
Prof. A. L. Goodwin Th.10 (wk 3) ICL
Review of Periodic Table Prof. S.C.E. Tsang W.9 (wks 3,4), M.10 (wk 4) ICL
Bioinorganic Chemistry    (Masterclass) Prof. F.A. Armstrong W.10 (wk 4) PTCL
Searching databases, answer session Dr. K. Harrison W.11-12.30 (wk 3) ICL

Organic Chemistry




Revision – Molecular    Structure and reactivity Prof. S. Fletcher M.9 (wks 1,2), T.10 (wk 2) DP
  M.10 (wk 2) ICL

Physical Chemistry





Revision Lectures: Physical Chemistry Year 3 Prof. R. Dullens W.10 (wk 1) PTCL
Prof. P.J. Hore T.9 (wk 2) PTCL
Prof. G.A.D. Ritchie W.10 (wk 2) PTCL

Option Lectures (Revision/problem)




Molecular Surface Science Prof. J.S. Foord,
Prof. S. Rauschenbach
T.9 (wk 1) PTCL
Structural Methods Prof. S.J. Clarke W.9 (wk 1) ICL
Natural Product Chemistry Prof. A. Russell, Prof. J. Burton Th.9 (wk 1 DP
Theoretical Chemistry Prof. J.P.K. Doye F.9 (wk 1) PTCL
Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. L.J. Smith,
Dr. A. Bowen 
F.10 (wk 1) DP
Solid State Compounds in Technology Prof. P. Edwards, Prof. M. Hayward,
Dr. H. Yeung
W.9 (wk 2) ICL
Advanced Synthesis and    Total Synthesis Prof. J. Robertson Th.9 (wk 2) DP
An Introduction to the Liquid State Prof. M. Wilson & Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts F.9 (wk 2) PTCL
Supramolecular, Nano and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry Prof. P.D. Beer, Prof. S Faulkner, Prof. J.J. Davis, Dr. N. Farrer F.10 (wk 2) DP
Functional Organic  Polymers and Materials    Chemistry Prof. H. Anderson M.9 (wk 3) DP
Magnetic Resonance Prof. P.J. Hore T.9 (wk 3) PTCL
Molecular Reaction Dynamics Prof. M. Brouard W.10 (wk 3) PTCL
Advanced Chemical Biology Prof. T. Brown, Dr. A. Kawamura Th.9 (wk 3) DP
Fundamentals of Atmospheric and Astrochemistry Prof. G.A.D. Ritchie, Prof. C. Vallance F.9 (wk 3) PTCL
Organometallic Catalysts: From fundamentals to    application Prof. A. Weller, Prof. C. Williams F.10 (wk 4) DP
Contemporary Methods in Catalysis for Organic Synthesis Prof. D.J. Dixon & Prof. M. Willis M.9 (wk 4) DP