Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Subject Lecturer Time Place
Inorganic  Chemistry      
Periodic trends in main-group Chemistry Prof. S. Aldridge M.9 (wk 1) ICL
Th.10 (wk 4) PTCL
Prof. J.M. Goicoechea   M.9 (wks 2-4) ICL
NMR in Inorganic Chemistry Prof. L.J. Smith T.10, F.10 (wks 1-2) ICL
Course Overview (and Transition Metals) Prof. J.J. Davis T.10, F.10 (wks 3-6) ICL
Revision Topics Prof. F.A. Armstrong, Prof. J. Goicoechea, Prof. M.A. Hayward  Th.9 (wks 5,6) ICL
Organic Chemistry      
Organic Chemistry of Biomolecules Prof. T. Brown T.9, W.10 (wk 1) DP
Prof. J.H.P. Bayley T.9, W.10 (wk 2) DP
Dr E. Flashman T.9, W.10 (wks 3,4) DP
Organic Synthesis II Prof. D.M. Hodgson Th.9 (wks 1-4) ICL
F.9 (wks 1-3) DP
T.9 (wk 5)
Problem Solving Dr. P. Roberts  F.9 (wk 4), W.10 (wk 5) DP
Physical Chemistry      
Rate Processes Prof. J. Benesch M.10, W.9 (wks 1-4) PTCL
Revision lectures Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos Th.10 (wk 1) PTCL
Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts Th.10 (wk 2) PTCL
Prof. C.R. Timmel Th.10 (wk 3) PTCL
Supplementary Subjects      
Modern Language: French - Stage 2 
(Lower intermediate)
Marie Leger  Th.5, F.5
(wks 1-8)
Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Rd
Modern Language: French - Stage 3 
Eleonore Cossade W.5, Th.5
(wks 1-8)
Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Rd
Modern Language: German - Stage 2
(Lower Intermediate)
Connie Wiedenhofer T.5, F.5
(wks 1-8)
Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Rd