Undergraduate Course




Day, Time, Place

Revision of Topics in Inorganic Chemistry Prof. P.D. Beer,
Prof. S.J. Clarke,
Prof. L-L Wong
1 - 3 M.10
Review of Periodic Table Prof. S.C.E. Tsang 3, 4 W.9
4 M.10
Bioinorganic Chemistry Prof. F. Armstrong 3 Th.10
Revision - Molecular Structure and Reactivity Prof. S. Fletcher 1, 2 T.10, F.10
Revision Lectures - Physical Chemistry Prof. J.P.K. Doye,
Prof. S.R. Mackenzie,
Prof. S. Perkin
1, 2 T.9, W.10
Solid State Compounds in Technology Prof. S.J. Clarke,
Prof. P.P. Edwards,
Prof. M.A. Hayward
2 W.9
Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. L-L. Wong,
Prof. L.J. Smith
1 Th.10
Structural Methods Prof. S.J. Clarke,
Prof. D.M. O'Hare,
Prof. M.A. Hayward
1 W.9
Organometallic Catalysts: From Fundamentals
to Application
Prof. S. Aldridge,
Prof. C. Williams
3 T.10
Supramolecular, Nano and Medicinal
Inorganic Chemistry
Prof. P.D. Beer,
Dr. N. Farrer,
Prof. S. Faulkner,
Prof. J.J. Davis
2 Th.10
Natural Product Chemistry Prof. J. Burton,
Prof. A. Russell
1 M.9
Advanced Chemical Biology Prof. T. Brown,
Prof. C.J. Schofield
2 M.9
Functional Organic Polymers and Materials
Prof. H. Anderson,
Prof. I. McCulloch
1 Th.9
Advanced Synthesis and Total Synthesis Prof. E. Anderson 2 Th.9
Contemporary Methods in Catalysis for
Organic Synthesis
Prof. D. Dixon,
Prof. M. Willis
3 M.9
Molecular Reaction Dynamics Prof. M. Brouard,
Prof. C. Vallance
1 F.9
Theoretical Chemistry Prof. J. Doye 2 F.9
An introduction to the Liquid State Prof. R. Dullens,
Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts,
Prof. M. Wilson
3 F.9
Magnetic Resonance Prof. P. Hore 3 T.9
Fundamentals of Atmospheric and

Prof. C. Vallance,
Prof. G.A.D. Ritchie

3 Th.9
Molecular Surface Science Prof. J. Foord,
Prof. S. Rauschenbach
3 W.10
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