Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford




Day, Time, Place

Periodic trends in main-group Chemistry Prof. S. Aldridge 1, 5 M.9 ICL
Prof. J.M. Goicoechea 2 - 4 M.9 ICL
NMR in Inorganic Chemistry Prof. L.J. Smith 1, 2 Tu.10, F.10 ICL
Course Overview and Transition Metals Prof. J.J. Davis 3 - 6 Tu.10, F.10 ICL
Revision Topics Prof. P.D. Beer, Prof. S.J. Clarke,
Prof. L-L Wong
5, 6 Th.9 ICL
Organic Chemistry of Biomolecules Prof. T. Brown 1 Tu.9, W.10 DP
Dr. M. Booth 2 Tu.9, W.10 DP
Dr. E. Flashman 3
Tu.9, W.10 DP
M.10 PTCL, Tu.9 DP
Organic Synthesis II Prof. D.M. Hodgson 1 - 4 Th.9 ICL, F.9 DP
Problem Solving Dr. P. Roberts 5 Tu.9, W.10 DP
Rate Processes Prof. J. Benesch 1 - 4 W.9, Th.10 PTCL
Revision Lectures Prof. J.P.K. Doye, Prof. S. Perkin,
Prof. S.R. Mackenzie
5 M.10, W.9, Th.10 PTCL