Undergraduate Course


Research Groups Fully Subscribed

The following research groups are now fully subscribed for the 2019-20 Part II research year.

Organic Chemistry & Chemical Biology Groups
Anderson E., Anderson H., Brown, Burton, Claridge, Conway, Davies, Dixon, Donohoe, Duarte, Kawamura, Roberts, Russell, Schofield, Smith M., Thomson, Willis

Inorganic Chemistry Groups
Aldridge, Beer, Clarke, Cooper, David, Davis, J., Edwards, Farrer, Faulkner, Goodwin, Hayward, Langton, McGrady, O'Hare, Smith L., Turner, Tsang, Vincent, Weller, Williams, Yeung

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry
Aarts, Barford, Compton, Doye, Dullens, Heazlewood, Hore, Kukura, Mackenzie, Manolopoulos, Ritchie, Vallance

NB:  Groups not taking Part ll students in 2019-20 Adlington, Battle, Logan, Mountford, Robertson