Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The following research groups are fully subscribed for the 2020-21 Part II research year:

Inorganic Chemistry Groups:
Aldridge, Beer, Clarke, Cooper, David, Deringer, Edwards, Farrer, Faulkner, Goicoechea, Goodwin, Hayward, Langton, McGrady, O'Hare, Rees, Thompson, Tsang, Turner, Vincent, Williams, Wong, Zhao

Organic Chemistry & Chemical Biology Groups:
E. Anderson, H. Anderson, Brown, Burton, Conway, Dixon, Donohoe, Duarte, Flashman, Fletcher, Gouverneur, Jenkinson, McCullagh, Russell, Schofield, Stewart, Willis

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Groups:
Baldwin, Barford, Benesch, Burt, Doye, Dullens, Heazlewood, Hore, Kukura, Mackenzie, Manolopoulos, Perkin, Rauschenbach, Ritchie, Timmel, Vallance, Wilson