Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Inorganic Chemistry Physical and Theoretical

Professor of Chemical Biology: Prof. J.H.P. Bayley

Prof. T. Brown

Professsor of Organic Chemistry: Prof. C.J. Schofield (Head of Organic Department)

Waynflete Professor of Chemistry: Prof. S.G. Davies

Prof. R.M. Adlington

Prof. E. Anderson

Prof. H.L. Anderson

Prof. J.W. Burton

Prof. T.D.W. Claridge

Prof. S.J. Conway

Prof. B.G. Davis

Prof. D.J. Dixon

Prof. T.J. Donohoe

*Dr. E. Flashman

Prof. S.P. Fletcher

Prof. V. Gouverneur

Prof. D.M. Hodgson

***Dr. S. Jenkinson

*Dr. A. Kawamura

*Prof. J. McCullagh

Prof. M.G. Moloney

**Dr. P. Roberts (SGD)

Prof. J. Robertson

Prof. A. Russell 

Prof. M.D. Smith

**Dr. M.I. Stewart

**Dr. J. Thomson (SGD)

Prof. M.C. Willis

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry: Prof. S. Faulkner (Head of Inorganic Department)

Head of Chemical Crystallography Laboratory: Prof. R. Cooper

Prof. S. Aldridge

Prof. F.A. Armstrong

Prof. P.D. Battle

Prof. P.D. Beer

**Dr. A. Bowen (CRT)

Prof. S.J. Clarke

Prof. W.I.F. David

Prof. J.J. Davis

Prof. P.P. Edwards

**Dr. N. Farrer (SF)

Prof. J. Goicoechea

Prof. A.L. Goodwin

Prof. M.A. Hayward

**Dr M.J. Langton (PDBe)

Prof. J.E. McGrady

Prof. P. Mountford

Prof. D. O'Hare

*Dr. N. Rees

Prof. L.J. Smith 

*Dr. A. Thompson

Prof. C.R. Timmel

Prof. S.C.E. Tsang

***Dr. Z. Turner (DOH)

Prof. K. Vincent 

Prof. A. Weller

Prof. C.K. Williams

Prof. L.-L. Wong

**Dr. H. Yeung (ALG)

Professor of Physical Chemistry:   Prof. S. Mackenzie (Head of Physical & Theoretical Department)

Dr Lee's Professor of Chemistry: Prof. C.V. Robinson

Coulson Professor of Theoretical Chemistry: Prof. D.E. Logan

Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts 

Prof. A. Baldwin

Prof. W. Barford

Prof. J.L.P. Benesch

Prof. M. Brouard

Prof. R.G. Compton

Prof. J.P.K. Doye

Prof. R. Dullens 

Prof. J.S. Foord

*Dr. M. Galpin

*Prof. N.J.B. Green

**Dr. B. Heazlewood

Prof. P.J. Hore

**Dr. R. Jacobs

Prof. M. Krishnan

Prof. P. Kukura

Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos

Prof. S. Perkin

Prof. S. Rauschenbach

Prof. G.A.D. Ritchie

Prof. C. Vallance

Prof. M. Wilson 

Those marked with a:
* can supervise up to 2 Part II students without co-supervision
** can supervise up to 2 Part II students with a permanent member of staff (these students counting towards the co-supervisor's total of 6)
*** can supervise 1 Part II student with a permanent member of staff (this student will count towards the co-supervisor's total of 6) 

All permanent academic staff are able to take up to 6 Part II students, but any supervisor wishing to supervise more than 4 should notify the Director of Studies and let him know what provision they would make in their lab.