Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Students may wish to work for their Part II in other Departments, e.g. Materials, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, etc. You may wish to do a project supervised by someone who is not on the list of approved Chemistry Faculty members. The list of other Departments, Supervisors and their project interests can be found in the left hand menu.

Your prospective supervisor and research topic must be approved initially by the Chemistry Teaching Committee.  In this case, you should apply NOT LATER THAN THE FRIDAY OF THE THIRD WEEK OF HILARY FULL TERM for approval of the appointment of the supervisor, Chemistry co-supervisor and the project. Your application should contain a statement written by the prospective supervisor, explaining clearly the nature and aims of the intended research project (in not more than 250 words). The application should be made through the Chairman of the Chemistry Teaching Committee via email to undergraduate.studies@chem.ox.ac.uk.