Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Applications including only members of the Chemistry Faculty:

Submit by 4.00 pm on Friday of 6th Week, Hilary Term.

Applications to work with someone outside the Chemistry Faculty:

Submit by 5.00 pm on Friday of 3rd Week, Hilary Term.

Important: If you plan to apply to someone who is not an "eligible" member of the chemistry faculty (who are the "eligible" supervisors?) your project must be approved by the Chemistry Teaching Committee. By the end of 3rd Week, Hilary Term, you must provide the following items to the Faculty Office either in hard copy or by email to undergraduate.studies@chem.ox.ac.uk:

I. A project outline, which you should ask the potential supervisor to prepare.
II. The name of a member of the Chemistry Faculty who has agreed to act as co-supervisor for the project (ask your College tutor if you are not sure how to go about finding a co-supervisor).