Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Part II allocation proceeds via the following steps:

1. Discussion

During Michaelmas Term and weeks 1-6 of Hilary Term, students meet with and talk to potential supervisors. During these meetings, students and supervisors discuss possible projects, interests and qualifications which it might be useful for students to possess, and the kind of research group in which Part II students can work. Individual sections also hold Open Days.

2. Non-chemistry Faculty applications

If you want to work with a supervisor who is not on the Chemistry Faculty "eligible" list (who is on that list?) you must submit a project outline and the name of a Chemistry co-supervisor to the Faculty Office, by the end of 3rd Week, Hilary Term. The project will be assessed by the Chairman of the Chemistry Teaching Committee, who must approve both the project and the co-supervisor before work can start. The preparation of the project outline is the responsibility of the potential supervisor, but it is in your own interest, as a student, to make sure that the supervisor is aware of, and meets, this deadline.

3. All supervisor applications

All students can submit three supervisor choices (ranked 1-3). Students must submit their choices of supervisors before 4.00 pm on Friday of 6th Week, Hilary Term. The application form is on myDegree.

4. Dissemination of information among staff

On Monday, 7th Week Hilary Term, members of academic staff who have been chosen will be informed by e-mail. Each staff member will know the names of the students who have applied to them, and also the names of other potential supervisors listed by those students.

5. Notification of acceptances

Students will be informed of the outcome in 8th Week, Hilary Term.

6. Lower-choice supervisors

A student who cannot be taken by their first choice will be passed to the next supervisor on their list.

7. Further choices

You may find that none of your choices can offer you a place. If this happens, you will need to approach further potential supervisors directly. No additional application form need be completed. At this stage, the Faculty Office often has information about which groups still have places available. You are welcome to discuss matters with Laura by visiting the office or emailing undergraduate.studies@chem.ox.ac.uk.