Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford





Inorganic Chemistry 

Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Prof. F.A. Armstrong M.9 (wks 1,2), W.11 (wk 1), Th.9 (wk 1) ICL
Spectroscopy and Magnetism in Inorganic Chemistry Prof. S. Faulkner  T.10 (wk 1), W.11 (wk 2), Th.9 (wks 2,3) ICL
T.5 (wk 2) DP
Solid State Chemistry Prof. M.A. Hayward M.9 (wks 3,4,6),  T.10 (wks 3,4)  ICL
Modern Main Group Chemistry Prof. S. Aldridge M.9 (wk 5), T.10 (wk 5), Th.9 (wk 4) ICL
Prof. J.M. Goicoechea M.9, T.10 (wk 8) ICL
Organometallic Chemistry  Prof. D.M. O'Hare Th.9 (wks 5,6), T.10 (wk 6,7), M.9 (wk 7) ICL
Bioinorganic Chemistry Prof. F.A. Armstrong T.11, Th.9 (wks 7,8) ICL
Organic Chemistry       
Curly Arrows of Biology  Prof. V. Gouverneur M.10 (wk 1), F.5 (wk 2), Th.10 (wk 4), W.9 (wk 5) DP
Pericyclic Reactions  Prof. M.D. Smith W.9 (wks 1-3), Th.10 (wks 1-3) DP
Transition Metal Catalysis  Prof. V. Gouverneur  F.10 (wks 1,2,4), W.9 (wk 4) DP
Advanced Organic Spectroscopy Prof. T.D.W. Claridge M.10 (wks 3,4), F.10 (wk 3) DP
Prof. J. McCullagh Th.10 (wks 6,8), M.10 (wk 8)
Organic Synthesis III Prof. D.J. Dixon   M.10 (wks 5-7), W.9 (wks 6,7), Th.10 (wks 5,7), F.10 (wk 7) DP
Radical Reactions Prof. M.G. Moloney F.10 (wks 5,6,8), W.9 (wk 8) DP
Physical Chemistry       
Photophysics and Photochemistry Prof. P. Kukura  M.11 (wk 1) ICL
Prof. N.J.B. Green W.5 (wks 1-3), M.11 (wks 2,3)
Prof. P. Kukura M.11, W.10 (wk 4) PTCL
Soft Condensed Matter Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts M.10 (wk 2), T.5 (wks 1,3), F.5 (wks 1,3) DP
T.10 (wk 2) ICL
Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts T.9, F.9 (wk 4) PTCL
Magnetic Resonance Prof. C.R. Timmel M.11, F.9 (wks 5-8) PTCL
Physical Principles of Solids  Prof. J.S. Foord T.9, W.10 (wks 5-8) PTCL

Second and Third Year

Career Opportunities for Chemists (one lecture) Dr. M. Moss W.11.15 (wk 3) ICL