Undergraduate Course


Michaelmas Term Year 2, 2018





Inorganic Chemistry      
Diffraction Prof. P.D. Battle Th.10 (wks 1-3), W.9 (wk 4) ICL
Bonding in Molecules Prof. J.E. McGrady M.10, Th.10 (wks 5-6), W.9 (wk 5) ICL
T.10 (wks 5-7) PTCL
Transition Metal Chemistry Prof. K. Vincent M.10, Th.10 (wks 7,8), W.9 (wk 8) ICL
T.10 (wk 8) PTCL

Organic Chemistry

Organic Spectroscopy Prof. T.D.W. Claridge T.9 (wk 1),W.10 (wks 1,3,4) DP
Prof. J. McCullagh T.9 (wk 2), W.10 (wk 2)
Organic Synthesis I Prof. J. Robertson F.9 (wks 1-3), T.9 (wk 3) DP
Aromatic and Heterocyclic Chemistry Prof. H.L. Anderson T.9 (wks 4,5), F.9 (wks 4,5) DP
Conformational Analysis and Ring Chemistry Prof. E.A. Anderson W.10 (wks 6-8), F.9 (wks 6-8), T.9 (wks 6-8) DP
M.11 (wk 8) ICL

Physical Chemistry

Liquids and Solution Prof. R. Dullens M.10 (wks 1,3), T.5 (wks 1-3), F.10 (wk 2) ICL
Prof.  S. Perkin M.10 (wk 4) ICL
T.10 (wk 4) PTCL
Quantum Mechanics: Principles and Applications   Prof. D.E. Logan M.5, Th.5 (wk 3) DP
M.9, Th.9 (wk 4) PTCL
Prof. M. Wilson M.9, Th.9 (wks 5-8) PTCL

General Chemistry

Introduction to NMR Prof. A. Baldwin M.5, (wks 1,2) Th.5 (wk 2)
W.9 (wk 2) ICL
Symmetry I Prof. P. Kukura W.9 (wk 1), 
F.10 (wks 1)
M.10 (wk 2)
  Th.5 (wk 1) DP
Prof. C. Vallance W.9 (wk 3) ICL
Symmetry II Prof. J.M. Goicoechea Th.10 (wk 4), F.10 (wks 3,4,5) ICL
Maths for Chemists Dr R. Penfold W.9 (wks 6,7), F.10 (wks 6-8) ICL

Supplementary Subjects

Quantum Chemistry Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos T.11, F.11 (wks 1-3) ICL
T.11, F.11 (wk 4) PTCL
Prof S.R. Mackenzie T.11, F.11 (wks 5-8) PTCL
Chemical Crystallography Prof. W.I.F. David  Th.11 (wk 2) JRS, PTCL
W.11 (wks 5,6), Th.11 (wks 5-7) ICL
Prof. A.L. Goodwin W.11 (wks 4,7,8),
Th.11 (wk 4)
Th.11 (wks 1,3) JRS, PTCL
Aromatic & Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dr. J. Thomson Th.11 (wks 1-3) ICL
W.11 (wk 4) PTCL
Prof. R.M. Adlington Th.11 (wks 4,7)
Dr. Paul Roberts & Dr. J. Thomson W.11 (wks 5-7), Th.11 (wks 5,6)
Prof. S.J. Conway W.11, Th.11 (wk 8)
Chemical Pharmacology Dr. G. Churchill

W.5 (wks 7,8)
Th.5 (wk 7)

Dept of Pharmacology Lecture Theatre
History and Philosophy of Science:  The Origins of Modern Science Dr. J. Lidwell-Durnin

T.12 (wks 1-8)

History Faculty, George Street, Lecture Theatre


Career Opportunities for Chemists (one lecture) Dr. M. Moss W.11.15 (wk 3) ICL