Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford





Inorganic Chemistry      
Diffraction Prof. P.D. Battle W.9, Th.10 (wks 1,2) ICL
Bonding in Molecules Prof. J.E. McGrady W.9, Th.10 (wks 3-6) ICL
Transition Metal Chemistry Prof. K. Vincent M.10 (wks 5-8), W.9 (wks 7,8) ICL

Organic Chemistry

Organic Spectroscopy

Prof. T.D.W. Claridge T.9 (wk 1), W.10 (wks 1-3)


Prof. J. McCullagh T.9 (wk 2), W.10 (wk 4)
Organic Synthesis I Prof. J. Robertson F.9 (wks 2-4) DP
Aromatic and Heterocyclic Chemistry Prof. H.L. Anderson

T.9 (wks 3,4,6)


W.10 (wk 5)
Conformational Analysis and Ring Chemistry Prof. E.A. Anderson

W.10 (wks 6-8)


F.9 (wks 5-8)
T.9 (wks 5,7,8)

Physical Chemistry

Liquids and Solutions Prof. S. Perkin T.10, F.10 (wks 1-4) PTCL
Quantum Mechanics: Principles and Applications   Prof. D.E. Logan  M.9, Th.9 (wks 3,4) PTCL
Prof. M. Wilson M.9, Th.9 (wks 5-8)

General Chemistry

Introduction to NMR Prof. A. Baldwin M.9, Th.9 (wks 1,2)
Symmetry I Prof. P. Kukura M.10 (wks 1-4) ICL
T.10 (wk 5) PTCL
Symmetry II Prof. J.M. Goicoechea Th.10 (wks 7,8) ICL
F.10 (wks 7,8) PTCL
Maths for Chemists Prof. R.G. Compton T.10 (wks 6-8), F.10 (wks 5,6) PTCL

Supplementary Subjects

Quantum  Chemistry Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos M.T.11 (wks 1-3,5) PTCL
Prof. S.R. Mackenzie M.T.11 (wks 4,6-8)
Chemical Crystallography Prof. A.L. Goodwin Th.11 (wks1,2,6,8), W.11 (wks 6,8) ICL
Prof. W.I.F. David W.11 (wks 5,7), Th.11 (wks 3,4,5,7)
Aromatic & Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Prof. S.G. Davies W.11 (wks 1-3), Th.11 (wks 1,2) PTCL
Prof. R.M. Adlington Th.11 (wks 3,6)
Prof.  A. Russell W.11 (wks 4-6), Th.11 (wk 4,5) 
Prof. S.J. Conway W.11, Th.11 (wk 7)
T.11 (wks 7,8) ICL
Chemical Pharmacology Dr G. Churchill W.Th. 5 (wks 7,8),  W. (wk 7) Dept of Pharmacology Lecture Theatre
History and Philosophy of Science:  The Origins of Modern Science Prof. R. Illiffe

T.12 (wks 1-8)
W.12 (wks 1-8)

History Faculty, George Street, Lecture Theatre


Career Opportunities for Chemists (one lecture) Dr. M. Moss W.11.15 (wk 3) ICL