Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford





Inorganic Chemistry

Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends Prof. C.R. Timmel W.10 (wks 1,2,4), F.9 (wks 1,2), T.9 (wk 3) ICL
Ionic Model and Structures of Solids Prof. A.L. Goodwin

F.9 (wks 3,4,7), W.10 (wk 6,7)

Prof. M.A. Hayward W.10 (wks 5,8), F.9 (wks 5,6,8)

Organic Chemistry

Introduction to Organic Chemistry Prof.  C.J. Schofield M.9 (wk 1) DP
F.10 (wk 1) PTCL
Prof. J.W Burton Th.9 (wks 2,3), M.9 (wks 2,3,4)
Introduction to Organic Spectroscopy Prof. T.D.W. Claridge Th.9 (wk 4), M.9 (wk 5) DP
Orbitals and Mechanisms Prof. R. Paton Th.9 (wks 6,7), M.9 (wks 6-8) DP
W.9 (wk 5,8) PTCL

Physical Chemistry

The Physical Basis of Chemistry: Classical mechanics Prof. P.J. Hore T.9 (wks 2, 4), W.10 (wk 3) ICL
Th.10 (wk 2) PTCL
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: The role of charge l Dr N.J.B. Green T.10 (wks 1-4) DP
Foundations of Physical Chemistry: Chemical thermodynamics Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos Th.10 (wks 3-8), F.10 (wks 2-8) PTCL
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: The property of gases Dr N.J.B. Green

T.10 (wks 5-8)


Mathematics for Chemistry

The Calculus of one and two Variables Dr M.R. Galpin M.10 (wks 1-8), W.9 (wks 1-4,6,7) PTCL
T.9 (wks 5-8) ICL
Th.9 (wk 5,8) DP
Introduction to Vectors Prof. P.J. Hore T.9 (wk 1) ICL
Th.10 (wk 1) PTCL