Undergraduate Course

Please note: All lectures to be pre-recorded and available on Canvas before the scheduled time.




Day & Time

Diffraction Prof. M.A. Hayward 1 - 4 Th.10
Bonding in Molecules Prof. J.E. McGrady 5 M.10, Th.10, F.10
6 M.10, T.10, Th.10
7,8 T.10
Transition Metal Chemistry Prof. K. Vincent 7,8 M.10, W.9, Th.10
Organic Spectroscopy Prof. T.D.W. Claridge 1,2 Tu.9, F.9
Prof. J. McCullagh 3,4 F.9
Organic Synthesis I Prof. T. Donohoe 1 - 4 W.10
Aromatic and Heterocyclic Chemistry Prof. H.L. Anderson 3 - 6 Tu.9
Conformational Analysis and Ring Chemistry Prof. E. Anderson 5,6 W.10, F.9
7,8 T.9, W.10, F.9
Liquids and Solutions Prof. R. Dullens 1 - 4 M.10, F.10
Quantum Mechanics: Principles and
Prof. D.E. Logan 3,4 M.9, Th.9 
Prof. M. Wilson 5 - 8 M.9, Th.9
Introduction to NMR Prof. A. Baldwin 1,2 M.9, Th.9
Symmetry I Prof P. Kukura 1,2 T.10, W.9
3 T.10
Symmetry II Prof. J.M. Goicoechea 3  W.9
4 T.10, W.9
5 T.10
Maths for Chemists Dr. R. Penfold 5 W.9
6 W.9, F.10
7,8 F.10
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