Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

All Part II students are encouraged to complete a Mitigating Circumstances Report form, which should then be added to the front of the thesis PDF file for submission. This will then be received by the examiners who are marking the thesis. This form should be used to describe any mitigating circumstances (related or unrelated to Covid-19) that you would like the examiners marking your thesis to be aware of. This includes the impact of the Department & University closure. Sub-headings are provided to help you organise your report. You should use whichever sub-headings are relevant to you – you don’t have to use them all and there is space at the end to include anything not already covered. This form will be given to the examiners when they receive your thesis for marking, and it will be available to the full Part II Examination Board and the Faculty Office.

Download the form here: MCE Report Form 2020