Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford




Day, Time, Place

Molecular Shapes, Symmetry & MO Theory Prof. L. Smith    
Acids, Bases & Solution Equilibria Prof. E. Tsang    
Transition Metal Chemistry Prof. P. Mountford    
Core Carbonyl Chemistry Prof. F. Duarte    
Substitution & Elimination at Saturated Carbons TBA    
Chemistry of C-C Pi Bonds TBA    
Role of Charge II Prof. A. Baldwin    
Electrochemistry Prof. R. Compton    
Quantum Theory of Atoms & Molecules Prof. G. Ritchie    
Reaction Kinetics Prof. M. Krishnan    
Complex Numbers, Multiple Integrals & ODEs Dr. R. Penfold    
Vectors & Determinants Dr. M. Galpin