Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
 Subject Lecturer Time Place
Inorganic Chemistry      
Molecular Shapes, Symmetry and Molecular Orbital Theory Prof. L.J. Smith T.9, W.10 (wks 1-3) ICL

Acids, Bases and Solution Equilibria

Prof. S.C.E. Tsang

W.10 (wks 4,5),
T.9 (wks 5,6)


Transition-metal  Chemistry Prof. A. Weller  T.9 (wks 7-8), W.10 (wks 6-8) ICL
Organic Chemistry      
Core Carbonyl Chemistry Prof. J. Robertson M.9 (wks 1-4) PTCL
W.9 (wks 1-4) DP
Substitution and Elimination at Saturated Carbons Prof. B.G. Davis Th.10 (wks 1-4) DP
F.9 (wks 1-4) ICL

Chemistry of C–C π Bonds

Prof. R.M. Adlington

W.9, Th.10 (wks 5-8)


Physical Chemistry      
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: The role of charge II Prof. A. Baldwin Th.9 (wks 1-4) PTCL
Electrochemistry Prof. R.G. Compton F.10 (wks 1-4) PTCL
Quantum Theory of Atoms and Molecules Prof. G.A.D. Ritchie M.10 (wks 5-6) DP
Th.9, F.10 (wks 5-8) PTCL
Reaction Kinetics Prof. C. Vallance F.9 (wks 5-8) ICL
M.10 (wks 7,8) DP
Mathematics for Chemistry      

Vector Algebra and Determinants

Dr R. Penfold 

M.10 (wks 1-3)


T.10 (wks 1-3) PTCL
Complex Numbers, Multiple Integrals and Ordinary Differential Equations Dr. M. Galpin T.9 (wk 4) ICL

T.10 (wks 4-8), M.9 (wks 5-8)