Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Subject Lecturer Time Place
Inorganic  Chemistry      
Electronic properties of solids Prof. S.J. Clarke   Th.9 (wks 1-5),  T.10 (wks 3,4) ICL
W.10 (wk 2) DP
Coordination Chemistry Dr. M. Langton T.10, F.10 (wk 1) ICL
Prof. P.D. Beer T.10, F.10 (wk 2)
Chemistry of Lanthanides and Actinides  Prof. S. Faulkner  M.9 (wks 3,4), F.10 (wk 4), F.5 (wk 4) ICL
Organometallic Chemistry Prof. P. Mountford F.10 (wks 5-8), Th.9 (wks 6-8) ICL
W.9 (wk 6) PTCL
Organic Chemistry      
Heteroatoms in Organic Synthesis Prof. M.C. Willis W.10 (wks 1,3,4) , F.9 (wks 1), T.9 (wks 3,4) DP
M.9 (wk 2) ICL
M.10 (wk 2) PTCL
Physical Organic Chemistry Prof. S. Fletcher  M.9 (wks 5,7,8) ICL
T.9 (wk 5), W.10 (wks 5,7,8), F.9 (wk 5) DP
Rearrangements and Reactive Intermediates Prof. J.W. Burton T.9, F.9 (wks 6-8), W.10 (wk 6) DP
M.9 (wk 6) ICL
Physical Chemistry      
Statistical Mechanics Prof. M. Wilson  M.10 (wks 1,3), Th.10 (wks 1-3) PTCL
F.9 (wk 2) DP
Prof. S. Perkin M.10, Th.10 (wks 4-6) PTCL
Valence Prof. M. Brouard  T.9 (wks 1,2), F.9 (wks 3,4) DP
W.9 (wks 1-4)  PTCL
Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. S.R. Mackenzie    T.10 (wks 5,7,8)  ICL
W.9 (wks 5,7,8), M.10, Th.10 (wks 7,8) PTCL
Supplementary Subjects      
Aromatic  & Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Prof. S.J. Conway M.11 (wk 1,2), W.11 (wk 1) PTCL
Prof. R.M. Adlington W.11 (wks 2,5) PTCL
Dr. P. Roberts M.11 (wks 3-5), W.11 (wks 3-4) PTCL
Dr P. Brennan M.11 (wks 6-8), W.11 (wks 6,8), F.11 (wk 7) PTCL
Chemical Crystallography Prof. R. Cooper M.11 (wks 2-4), Th.11 (wks 1-3) ICL
Chemical Crystallography (revision) Prof. A. Goodwin Th.11 (wk 6) ICL
Chemical Crystallography (revision) Prof. W.I.F. David Th.11 (wk 8) ICL
Chemical Crystallography (revision) Prof. R. Cooper Th.11 (wk 7) ICL
History and Philosophy of Science: Philosophy of Science Dr S. Allen M.12 (wks 1-8) Examination Schools
Quantum Chemistry Prof. W. Barford T.11, F.11 (wks 1-4) PTCL
Prof. J.E. McGrady T.11 (wks 5-8), F.11 (wks 5,6), W.11 (wk 7)
Chemical Pharmacology Dr G. Churchill W.5, Th.5 (wks 1-6) Dept. of Pharmacology Lecture Theatre