Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Hours per term
FIRST YEAR          M        H        T
Inorganic Chemistry        
Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends Prof. C.R. Timmel         6    
Ionic Model and Structures of Solids Prof. M.A. Hayward, Prof. A.L. Goodwin         9    
Molecular Shapes, Symmetry and Molecular Orbital Theory Prof. L.J. Smith          6  
Acids, Bases and Solution Equilibria Prof. S.C.E. Tsang          4  
Transition Metal Chemistry Prof. A.S. Weller          5  
Non-metal Chemistry Prof. D.M. O’Hare                 6
Revision topics Prof. C. Williams, Prof. S.C.E. Tsang            4
Organic Chemistry        
Introduction to Organic Chemistry Prof. J.W. Burton        7    
Introduction to Organic Spectroscopy Prof. T.D.W. Claridge        2    
Orbitals and Mechanisms Prof. T.J. Donohoe        7    
Substitution and Elimination of Saturated Carbons Prof. B.G. Davis          8  
Chemistry of C–C p Bonds Prof. R.M. Adlington          8  
Core Carbonyl Chemistry Prof. F. Duarte          8  
Introduction to Biological Chemistry Prof. J.H.P. Bayley, Prof. T. Brown, Prof. S.J. Conway, Dr E. Flashman           12
Revision Course Prof. R.M. Adlington            4
Physical Chemistry        
Foundations of Physical Chemistry:   Chemical Thermodynamics Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos       13    
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: Classical mechanics Prof. S. Rauschenbach        4    
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: Property of gases Dr N.J.B. Green        4    
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: The role of charge  I Dr N.J.B. Green        4    
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: The role of charge  II Prof. A. Baldwin          4  
Quantum Theory of Atoms and Molecules Prof. G.A.D. Ritchie         10  
Reaction Kinetics Prof. M. Krishnan          6  
Electrochemistry Prof. R.G. Compton          4  
States of Matter Prof. S. Perkin            4
Mathematics for Chemistry        
The Calculus of One and Two Variables Dr M.R. Galpin, Dr. R. Penfold       20    
Introduction to Vectors Prof. S. Rauschenbach        2    
Vector Algebra and Determinants Dr. M.R. Galpin          6  
Complex Numbers, Multiple Integrals and Ordinary Differential Equations Dr. R. Penfold         10  
Matrix Algebra Prof. J.P.K. Doye            8
Inorganic Chemistry        
Diffraction Prof. P.D. Battle        4    
Bonding in Molecules Prof. J.E. McGrady        8    
Transition Metal Chemistry Prof. K. Vincent        6    
Coordination Chemistry Prof. P.D. Beer, Dr. M. Langton          4  
Chemistry of the Lanthanides and Actinides Prof. S. Faulkner          4  
Organometallic Chemistry Prof. P. Mountford          8  
Electronic properties of solids Prof. S.J. Clarke          8  
Periodic trends in main-group Chemistry Prof. S. Aldridge, Prof. J.M. Goicoechea            5
NMR in Inorganic Chemistry Prof. L.J. Smith            4
Course overview (and Transition Metals) Prof. J.J. Davis            8
Revision Topics Prof. P.D. Beer, Prof. S.J. Clarke, Prof. A. Weller            2
Organic Chemistry        
Organic Synthesis I Prof. T. Donohoe        4    
Aromatic and Heterocyclic Chemistry Prof. H.L. Anderson        4    
Organic Spectroscopy  I Prof. T.D.W. Claridge, Prof. J. McCullagh        6    
Conformational Analysis and Ring Chemistry Prof. E. Anderson       10    
Physical Organic Chemistry Prof. S. Fletcher          8  
Heteroatoms in Organic Synthesis Prof. M. Willis          8  
Rearrangements and Reactive Intermediates Prof. J.W. Burton          8  
Organic Synthesis II Prof. D.M. Hodgson            8
Organic Chemistry of Biomolecules Prof. J.H.P. Bayley, Prof. T. Brown, Dr E. Flashman            8
Problem Solving Dr. P. Roberts            2
Physical Chemistry        
Quantum Mechanics: Principles and Applications Prof. D.E. Logan, Prof. M. Wilson       12    
Liquids and Solutions Prof. R. Dullens        8    
Statistical Mechanics Prof. S. Perkin, Prof. D.E. Logan         12  
Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. S.R. Mackenzie         10  
Valence Prof. M. Brouard          8  
Rate Processes Prof. J. Benesch            8
Revision Lectures Prof. J.P.K. Doye, Prof. S.R. Mackenzie, Prof. S. Perkin            3
General Chemistry        
Symmetry I Prof. P. Kukura        5    
Introduction to NMR Prof. A. Baldwin        4    
Maths for Chemists Prof. R. Penfold        5    
Symmetry II Prof. J. Goicoechea        4    
Supplementary Subjects        

Aromatic & Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr P. Brennan, Dr. P. Roberts, Dr. J.M. Thomson, Prof. R.M Adlington, TBA




Quantum Chemistry

Prof. W. Barford, Prof. J.E. McGrady,
Prof. S.R. Mackenzie,  Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos




Chemical Crystallography

Prof. A.L. Goodwin,  Prof. R. Cooper, Prof. W.I.F. David




History and Philosophy of Science:  The Origins of Modern Science Dr J. Lidwell-Durnin        8    
History and Philosophy of Science: Science in Philosophy Dr S. Allen          8  
Chemical Pharmacology Dr G. Churchill        3       12  
Modern Language: French 
Stage 2  (Lower intermediate)
TBA   16       16
Modern Language: French 
Stage 3  (Intermediate)
TBA   16       16
Modern Language: Spanish TBA   24 24
THIRD YEAR        
Inorganic Chemistry        
Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Prof.  L-L. Wong        4    
Modern Main Group Chemistry Prof. S. Aldridge, Prof. J.M. Goicoechea        5    
Solid State Chemistry Prof. M.A. Hayward        5    
Spectroscopy and Magnetism in Inorganic Chemistry Prof.  S. Faulkner        5    
Organometallic Chemistry Prof. D.M. O’Hare        5    
Bioinorganic Chemistry Prof. F.A. Armstrong        4   1

Revision of Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

Prof. M.A. Hayward, Prof. J.M. Goicoechea, Prof. K. Vincent




Review of Periodic Table Prof. S.C.E. Tsang            3
Organic Chemistry        
Advanced Organic Spectroscopy Prof. T.D.W. Claridge, Prof.  J. McCullagh        6    
Organic Synthesis III Prof. D.J. Dixon        8    
Curly Arrows of Biology (Primary Metabolism) Prof. V. Gouverneur        4    
Transition Metal Catalysis Prof. V. Gouverneur        4    
Pericyclic Reactions Prof. M.D. Smith        6    
Radical Reactions Prof. M.G. Moloney        4    
Revision Lectures Prof.  S. Fletcher            4
Physical Chemistry        
Physical Principles of Solids Prof. J.S. Foord        8    
Soft Condensed Matter Prof. D.G.A.L Aarts        8    
Photophysics and Photochemistry Dr N.J.B. Green, Prof. P. Kukura        8    
Magnetic Resonance Prof. C.R. Timmel        8    
Revision Lectures Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts, Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos, Prof. C.R. Timmel            4
Option Lectures        
Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. L.J. Smith, Prof. L-L Wong          8        1
Structural Methods Prof. S.J. Clarke, Prof. D. O’Hare, Prof. P Battle          8        1
Organometallic Catalysts: From fundamentals to application Prof. C. Williams, TBA          8        1
Solid State Compounds in Technology Prof. P.P. Edwards,  Prof. M. Hayward, Prof. P. Battle          8        1
Supramolecular, Nano and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry Prof. P.D. Beer, Prof. S. Faulkner, Prof.  J.J. Davis, Dr N. Farrer          8        1
Natural Product Chemistry Prof. A. Russell, Prof. J.W. Burton          8        1
Advanced Synthesis and Total Synthesis Prof. E. Anderson          8        1
Contemporary Methods in Catalysis for Organic Synthesis Prof. D.J. Dixon, Prof. M. C. Willis          8        1
Advanced Chemical Biology Prof. T. Brown, Prof. C. Schofield          8        1
Functional Organic Polymers and Materials Chemistry Prof. H.L. Anderson          8        1
Molecular Reaction Dynamics Prof. M. Brouard,
Dr. B.R. Heazlewood
         8        1
Theoretical Chemistry Prof. J.P.K. Doye          8        1
An Introduction to the Liquid State Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts, Prof. R. Dullens,  Prof. M. Wilson          8        1
Magnetic Resonance Prof. P.J. Hore          8        1
Molecular Surface Science Prof. J.S. Foord, Prof. S. Rauschenbach          8        1
Part II Lectures        
Data Analysis Lectures Dr D. Sivia        8