Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford
Hours per term
FIRST YEAR          M        H        T
Inorganic Chemistry        
Atomic Structure and Periodic Trends Prof. C.R. Timmel         6    
Ionic Model and Structures of Solids Prof. M.A. Hayward & Prof. A.L. Goodwin        10    
Molecular Shapes, Symmetry and Molecular Orbital Theory Prof. L.J. Smith          6  
Acids, Bases and Solution Equilibria Prof. S.C.E. Tsang          4  
Non-metal Chemistry Prof. D.M. O’Hare          6  
Transition Metal Chemistry Prof. A.S. Weller            4
Revision topics Prof. S.C.E. Tsang & Prof. F.A. Armstrong            4
Organic Chemistry        
Introduction to Organic Chemistry Prof. S.G. Davies        7    
Organic Spectroscopy I Prof. T.D.W. Claridge        2    
Orbitals and Mechanisms Prof. R. Paton        7    
Substitution and Elimination of Saturated Carbons Prof. B.G. Davis          8  
Chemistry of C–C p Bonds Prof. R.M. Adlington          8  
Core Carbonyl Chemistry Prof. T.J. Donohoe          8  
Introduction to Biological Chemistry Prof. J.H.P. Bayley, Prof. T. Brown, Prof. S.J. Conway & Dr E. Flashman           12
Revision Course Prof. R.M. Adlington            4
Physical Chemistry        
Foundations of Physical Chemistry:   Chemical Thermodynamics Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos       13    
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: Classical mechanics Prof. P.J. Hore        4    
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: Property of gases Dr. N.J.B. Green        4    
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: The role of charge  I Dr N.J.B. Green        4    
The Physical Basis of Chemistry: The role of charge  II Prof. A. Baldwin          4  
Quantum Theory of Atoms and Molecules Prof. M. Wilson         10  
Reaction Kinetics Prof. C. Vallance          6  
Electrochemistry Prof. R.G. Compton          4  
States of Matter Prof. S. Perkin            4
Mathematics for Chemistry        
The Calculus of One and Two Variables Dr M.R. Galpin       20    
Introduction to Vectors Prof. P.J. Hore        2    
Vector Algebra and Determinants Dr. B. Heazlewood          6  
Complex Numbers, Multiple Integrals and Ordinary Differential Equations Dr M.R. Galpin         10  
Matrix Algebra Prof. J.P.K. Doye            8
Inorganic Chemistry        
Diffraction Prof. P.D. Battle        4    
Bonding in Molecules Prof. J.E. McGrady        8    
Transition Metal Chemistry Prof. K. Vincent        6    
Coordination Chemistry Prof. P.D. Beer          4  
Chemistry of the Lanthanides and Actinides Prof. S. Faulkner          4  
Organometallic Chemistry Prof. P. Mountford          8  
Electronic properties of solids Prof. S.J. Clarke          8  
Periodic trends in main-group Chemistry Prof. S. Aldridge & Prof. J.M. Goicoechea            5
NMR in Inorganic Chemistry Prof. L.J. Smith            4
Course overview Prof. J.J. Davis            8
Revision Topics Prof. S.A. Aldridge, Prof. P. Mountford,  Prof. L-L. Wong            2
Organic Chemistry        
Organic Synthesis I Prof. J. Robertson        4    
Aromatic and Heterocyclic Chemistry Prof. H.L. Anderson        4    
Organic Spectroscopy  I Prof. T.D.W. Claridge & Prof. J. McCullagh        6    
Conformational Analysis and Ring Chemistry Prof. E. Anderson       10    
Physical Organic Chemistry Prof. S. Fletcher          8  
Heteroatoms in Organic Synthesis Prof. M. Willis          8  
Rearrangements and Reactive Intermediates Prof. J.W. Burton          8  
Organic Synthesis II Prof. D.M. Hodgson            8
Organic Chemistry of Biomolecules Prof. J.H.P. Bayley, Prof. T. Brown, Dr. E. Flashman            8
Problem Solving Prof. J. Robertson            2
Physical Chemistry        
Quantum Mechanics: Principles and Applications Prof. D.E. Logan, Prof. M. Wilson       12    
Liquids and Solutions Prof. S. Perkin        8    
Statistical Mechanics Prof. D.E. Logan         12  
Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. S.R. Mackenzie         10  
Valence Prof. M. Brouard          8  
Rate Processes Prof. J. Benesch            8
Revision Lectures Prof. W. Barford, Prof. J. Foord & Prof. P. Kukura            3
General Chemistry        
Symmetry I Prof. S. Perkin        5    
Introduction to NMR Prof. A. Baldwin        4    
Maths for Chemists Prof. R.G. Compton        5    
Symmetry II Prof. J. Goicoechea        4    
Supplementary Subjects        

Aromatic & Heterocyclic Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Prof. S.J. Conway, Prof. S.G. Davies, Dr P. Brennan, Prof. M.G. Moloney, Prof. A. Russell & Prof. R.M Adlington




Quantum Chemistry

Prof. W. Barford,
Prof. J.E. McGrady,
Prof. S.R. Mackenzie & Prof. D.E. Manolopoulos




Chemical Crystallography

Prof. A.L. Goodwin,  Prof. R. Cooper & Prof. W.I.F. David




History and Philosophy of Science:          The Origins of Modern Science Prof. R. Illiffe        8    
History and Philosophy of Science: Science in Philosophy Dr S. Allen          8  
Chemical Pharmacology Dr G. Churchill        4       14  
Modern Language: French
(Lower intermediate)
TBA           16
Modern Language: French (Intermediate) TBA           16
Modern Language: Spanish TBA     16
THIRD YEAR        
Inorganic Chemistry        
Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Prof.  L-L. Wong        4    
Modern Main Group Chemistry Prof. S. Aldridge & Prof. J.M. Goicoechea        5    
Solid State Chemistry Prof. M.A. Hayward        5    
Spectroscopy and Magnetism in Inorganic Chemistry Prof.  L-L. Wong        5    
Organometallic Chemistry Prof. D.M. O’Hare        5    
Bioinorganic Chemistry Prof. F.A. Armstrong        4   1

Revision of Topics in Inorganic Chemistry

Prof. S.J. Clarke, Prof. J.J. Davis, Prof. K. Vincent




Review of Periodic Table Prof. S.C.E. Tsang            3
Organic Chemistry        
Advanced Organic Spectroscopy Prof. T.D.W. Claridge & Prof.  J. McCullagh        6    
Organic Synthesis III Prof. T.J. Donohoe        8    
Curly Arrows of Biology (Primary Metabolism) Prof. V. Gouverneur        4    
Transition Metal Catalysis Prof. V. Gouverneur        4    
Pericyclic Reactions Prof. J.W. Burton        6    
Radical Reactions Prof. M.G. Moloney        4    
Revision Lectures Prof.  S. Fletcher            4
Physical Principles of Solids Prof. J.S. Foord        8    
Soft Condensed Matter Prof. D.G.A.L Aarts        8    
Photophysics and Photochemistry Dr N.J.B. Green & Prof. C. Vallance        8    
Magnetic Resonance Prof. C.R. Timmel        8    
Revision Lectures Prof. J.P.K. Doye, Prof. S. Mackenzie, Prof. M. Wilson            4
Option Lectures        
Molecular Spectroscopy Prof. S. Aldridge & Prof. L.J. Smith          8        1
Structural Methods Prof. S.J. Clarke, Prof. D. O’Hare & Prof. P.D. Battle          8        1
Organometallic Catalysts: From fundamentals to application Prof. P. Mountford, Prof. A. Weller & Prof. C. Williams          8        1
Solid State Compounds in Technology Prof. P.P. Edwards, Prof. P.D. Battle, Prof. M. Hayward          8        1
Supramolecular, Nano and Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry Prof. P.D. Beer, Prof. S. Faulkner & Prof.  J.J. Davis          8        1
Natural Product Chemistry Prof. A. Russell & Prof. J.W. Burton          8        1
Advanced Synthesis and Total Synthesis Prof. E. Anderson & Prof. J. Robertson          8        1
Contemporary Methods in Catalysis for Organic Synthesis Prof. D.J. Dixon & Prof. M. C. Willis          8        1
Advanced Chemical Biology Prof. T. Brown & Prof. C.J. Schofield          8        1
Functional Organic Polymers and Materials Chemistry Prof. H.L. Anderson & Prof. M.G. Moloney          8        1
Fundamentals of  Astrochemistry Prof. C. Vallance          8        1
Molecular Reaction Dynamics Prof. M. Brouard & Prof. C. Vallance          8        1
Theoretical Chemistry Prof. J.P.K. Doye & Prof. W. Barford          8        1
An Introduction to the Liquid State Prof. D.G.A.L. Aarts & Prof. M. Wilson          8        1
Magnetic Resonance Prof. P.J. Hore          8        1
Part II Lectures        
Data Analysis Lectures Dr D. Sivia        8