Undergraduate Course

The Chemists' Joint Consultative Committee (CJCC) is a forum through which views can be exchanged on any matters relating to the undergraduate Chemistry course with the members of the Faculty. The matters covered by this Committee shall include:

i) teaching arrangements, lectures, and seminars; organization and coverage

ii) practical course: composition, organization, and formal requirements; safety.

iii) syllabus and structure of examinations.

iv) library facilities.

v) general welfare of junior members, in so far as it affects the faculty and Departments.

Meetings are held twice a term (except in Trinity Term which has only one meeting). Each College provides a representative for one year. The Committee usually comprises fourteen junior members and six senior members (two from each of the Sections of Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry) and three Part II students. A list of all representatives can be found by clicking on 'Membership'.

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