Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Oxford students going to Berkeley

The following groups at Berkeley would be interested in hosting students:

Chris Chang: http://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/chris-chang
Michelle Chang: http://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/michelle-chang
Jennifer Doudna: http://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/doudna
Matt Francis: https://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/francis
Jay Groves: https://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/groves
Michael Marletta: https://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/marletta
Evan Miller: http://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/evan-miller
Dan Nomura: https://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/nomura
Jonathan Rittle: https://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/rittle
Alanna Schepartz: https://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/schepartz
Ke Xu: http://chemistry.berkeley.edu/faculty/chem/xu

Oxford students can for example conduct their Part II at Berkeley. They will need to seek faculty approval, which is normally achieved by submitting a project outline and the name of a co-supervisor to Nina Jupp in the Faculty office, by the end of week 3, Hilary term. The project will be assessed by the chairman of the Chemistry Teaching Committee, who must approve both project and co-supervisor before work can start.
Professors Ben Davis and Hagan Bayley are contact supervisors who may be able to give some more specific advice.

To get additional information about the Berkeley-Oxford Exchanges, Ari Razavi (the program coordinator for the Chemical Biology Graduate Program, USA) and from Prof Chris Chang (the faculty director of this program and Vice Chair of Chemical Biology in the department, USA). He suggests that if needed you can also email both of them with logistical questions and they can help match you with faculty. Once that is set, the faculty and their group admins can help with visas, etc.

Berkeley students going to Oxford

The following groups at Oxford would be interested in hosting students:

Hagan Bayley: http://research.chem.ox.ac.uk/hagan-bayley.aspx
Tom Brown: http://research.chem.ox.ac.uk/professor-tom-brown.aspx
Ben Davis: http://research.chem.ox.ac.uk/ben-davis.aspx
Philipp Kukura: http://research.chem.ox.ac.uk/philipp-kukura.aspx
Chris Schofield: http://research.chem.ox.ac.uk/christopher-schofield.aspx

UC Berkeley students can apply to study abroad through the site below.


Part II Berkeley Programme


  1. Part II student enquires by email about whether Berkeley supervisor will accept them
  2. Together Berkeley supervisor and student write 250-word description of project
  3. The project must be submitted to Nina Jupp by 3rd week of HT for assessment by the Faculty Office.
  4. Ben Davis and/or Hagan Bayley are named as co-supervisors in Oxford to act as coordinators of exam process.


  1. students should start at the same time and roughly follow Oxford Part II terms as they see fit and submit theses to the same submission dates and standards;
  2. the department cannot advise on university or college fees (since these are processed by colleges) or costs for additional expenses (fees, living costs etc at Berkeley). Berkeley and certain college schemes might be able to help with funding schemes upon discussion;
  3. the contacted supervisor at Berkeley may also provide advice on accommodation but the students might also be expected to use their initiative;
  4. delineating a project in conjunction with the Berkeley supervisor and processed as agreed under dept process (see above) is the nub of the process.