Undergraduate Course

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

During Michaelmas and Hilary Terms you will need to consider asking someone to supervise you for Part II Chemistry. The Faculty has established certain procedures to help you.

The Faculty has agreed that no commitments between supervisors and undergraduates may be entered into until after 6th Week, Hilary Term.  The Faculty is particularly anxious to avoid premature agreements that exert pressure to make snap choices. Information about research projects is provided in advance to give you plenty of time to consider where you would like to do your Part II.

Each Chemistry Section offers an Open Day during which supervisors will be available to discuss Part II projects in a relaxed atmosphere. You may wish to return later for further discussion, but Open Days provide the ideal opportunity to learn about the research conducted by a range of groups in Oxford. 

Open Day dates and details can be found here.

In addition to the Chemistry Section Open Days, there will be an introductory talk for anyone interested in a History of Science Part II on Tuesday, 19th November 2019 at 4 pm in the CTL Seminar Room.

An explanation of the steps in the Part II allocation process can be found here.

Application deadlines for students starting their Part II in September 2020 can be found here. Please note: the date on which you submit your application does not affect your chances of success, provided that you meet the appropriate deadline.

When can I expect a decision to be made about my application?

All students will be informed of the outcome of their application on the Monday of 8th Week, Hilary Term.

Click here to view the current list of Part II supervisors and note how many students they will be taking. The average number of places and applications from previous years are also available. 

Research web pages

Here is a link to the web pages of academic staff in the department.

Research groups full

A list will be provided of the research groups that are fully subscribed for the 2020-21 research year. Note that this page does not indicate which groups already have as many first choice applications as there are places available. Instead, it shows those groups which, after the application deadline has passed, have a full complement of Part II students. This page will be updated on Monday of 8th Week, Hilary Term.

Part II abroad

You may spend a portion of your Part II working with research groups based in other countries. If you are interested in this you should talk to a supervisor who has a note about opportunities abroad in this list.